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D.A. Turner YMCA to Offer Homeschool P.E. Program

The D.A. Turner YMCA is excited to announce the creation of the new 'H.Y.P.E.' program. H.Y.P.E. stands for Homeschool YMCA P.E. Program and targets homeschool kids grades K-12.

The idea for this program came to fruition when our association Administrative Coordinator, Desiree Hagmayer, former homeschool teacher and mom of three, saw a way the YMCA could fill a need for an often underserved section of our community. "There are homeschool groups in the area, yes, but the H.Y.P.E. program provides a way to partner with these groups and families. We want to meet them, hear their needs, and discuss how the YMCA can help fill those gaps," Hagmayer stated.

P.E. is typically a requirement in a standard homeschool curriculum, but parents are the ones responsible, and often challenged by, incorporating it into their daily or weekly curriculum. The H.Y.P.E. programs offers a solution to that by providing homeschool families with a scheduled and budget-friendly physical education option. It is also a fantastic way for kids to interact with other students and receive that important social interaction aspect that can often be missed.

Homeschool kids can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to activities, so the new H.Y.P.E. program is much appreciated!

Coach Jed Tuiolosega & Coach Tony Flanory kicked off our first "class" with games, fun and talks about the importance of friendship. Our first session welcomed 14 students to the Turner branch. We even had guest appearances by members of the CSU basketball team. The kids were beyond excited to meet "real" basketball players and exercise with them!

Julie Digby, who's son Luke attend our first session, said, "[Luke] has really needed this type of activity and interaction with other kids/adults. Coach Tony's talk about friendship also hit home. Luke and I had a great discussion on the car ride home and over lunch about what it means to be a good friend and why friends are important. Homeschool kids can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to activities, so the new H.Y.P.E. program is much appreciated!

H.Y.P.E. meets every Tuesday until May 18th from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. The cost is $10/session per child and you do NOT need to be a member of the YMCA for your child to participate.

If you are interested in participating in our H.Y.P.E. program, please contact the D.A. Turner YMCA to register. Individuals can pay per session or for the duration of the program. Our next session will resume in the Fall.


D.A. Turner YMCA

4384 Warm Springs Road

Columbus, GA 31909


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