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Daily Devotionals for Life's Various Seasons

Updated: May 17, 2020

By: Andie Blanchard, Wellness Coordinator (John P. Thayer YMCA)

I was recently asked to write a short blog on a few daily devotions that were special to me. I found it challenging to write about just one or two. I contemplated, 'Why is it so hard for me to find a couple of books that I have read over the years and give a short synopsis on them?' My conclusion became very clear...

The books or devotionals I have read have all been books that literally spoke to me during the season of life I was walking in at that time.

It's cliche, I know, but it's often said, "life doesn't give us an instruction manual." In some respects, I would agree with this statement. However, for the most part, I believe this to be untrue.

I discovered years ago that only one book would truly give me all the answers that I ever needed. A book that was written thousands of years ago. A book that may be sitting on your Momma's bedside table, on your Grandfather's coffee table, or maybe it's the one that's in a drawer at home.

The Bible, The Word, The Holy Scriptures - these are just a few titles you may refer to it as. However you call it, I have learned that there is no season that we walk through in life where this amazing book does not have an answer for us all.

During various seasons of my life I have needed, for whatever reason, to supplement my devotional time with additional books. Books that were written, with much wisdom, by others who have spent their lives getting to know the Jesus written about in God's word. I truly believe that these devotions were all timely placed into my life. I learned a lot about myself, about Jesus, and about life by digging deep into the lessons shared within the pages and within the hearts of those who authored these books.

Books like Brokenness, the Heart God Revives by Nancy Leigh DeMoss where I learned that sometimes it is in our weakness, in the times when we may feel the most broken and the most lost, that we can truly learn the most. It is when we listen closely and begin to posture ourselves to a place of humility that we will hear God speaking to us.

Then there are books such as The Busy Always Burns, Jesus in the Unannounced Moments of Life by Heath Adamson and God, Where are You?I by John Bevere that spoke to me about walking through a wilderness season. I learned to recognize that sometimes a wilderness season is a season of teaching and preparing us for moments to encounter more of God, form a deeper relationship with Him, and discover that He is taking us to bigger and greater places.

To quote Heath Adamson, "Sometimes, like Moses, we find ourselves in the middle of nowhere, but that is exactly where we're supposed to be. History calls them the unannounced days - those ordinary moments in our lives that aren't scripted or heralded by angelic voices. In hindsight, where we look back at our lives, we often realize that these unannounced moments were actually critical turning points, when life shifted. Yet when we were walking through those days, we were unaware."

The books and devotions I have read have been exactly what is described by Heath Adamson's words. Moments in my history where I needed a critical turning point, whether I knew it or not, but arrived there nonetheless. Turning points I reached through reading the pages of men and women, who seemed to have walked a mile in my same shoes. Men and women who began to pen their lessons in the pages of books that, in return, became a part of my own personal journey through life.

There are numerous books that ended up on my reading list that spoke simply of joy, love, and prayer. Other books that met me in moments that I needed personal growth. Moments where I needed to connect with our Heavenly Father and learn more about His life and, as a result, my own.

Books like The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson helped me to understand the power of prayer in my life, Enjoy Your Journey by Joyce Meyer spoke to me about being able to find hidden treasure in every day life, and Strong by Lisa Bevere that taught me that MY strength should be more about where I draw my strength from but also how I should display it.

Then there is Limitless Love: A 365 Day Devotional by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland that taught me that the more we walk in God's love, the more brightly HIS love will shine through us in our own lives.

I encourage you to find books and resources that speak to your own heart. Read the words written by those who have learned the hard lessons and penned them to paper. Most importantly, find the books that speak to you in the moments and seasons that you are currently walking through. Spend your time devoted to the ONE who seeks your time and desires your heart.

Self-help books are great, but remember they are simply books if you're not seeking the ONE who desires to help you first.

Andie Blanchard

Wellness Coordinator

You may contact Andie at


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