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Class Spotlight: LesMills Core

Updated: Apr 2

If you've taken a peek at our new quarterly Group Fitness schedule, you may have noticed a brand new format, Core! We are so excited to add this class to our line-up of incredible LesMills formats. With a killer instructor team, we think this format is the perfect addition to our schedules!

So what exactly is Core? LesMills Core is a 30-minute, pre-choreographed class designed to strengthen and improve the muscles of your core. Your core is comprised of different muscle groups that make up the “trunk” of the body to include every muscle ranging from the shoulders to the mid-thigh area. This instructor-led class will guide you through six different tracks all while being coached on proper form and technique.

In Core,

we engage all the muscles of your trunk working to actively improve posture and balance. The choreography found within this format can also help improve more sport-specific activities such as walking, running and biking.

This is a class suitable for all levels of fitness. With modifications and advancements provided, you can continually challenge yourself, regardless of your own fitness level.

In just 2 to 3 classes a week, you can begin to establish the core strength you need to live a stronger and healthier life. You will find Core offered at both our D.A. Turner & John P. Thayer locations.

You can print a copy of our current Quarterly Group Fitness Schedules Here:


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