Military Membership Options


All active duty and retired military personnel are entitled to a monthly membership discount at the Y. Simply show proof of your military service (such as a military ID) to have your discount applied when you sign up.

How do I sign up?

Families of deployed Army, National Guard or Reserves personnel need:

  1. YMCA Application

  2. Deployment papers: The deployed person must be deployed outside of our geographic region for six or more months.

  3. Copy of your military ID for deployed person and their family members.

  4. Copy of current LES form.

Independent Duty personnel need:

  1. YMCA application.

  2. Military IDs for themselves and their families.

  3. Copy of current LES form.

Retired military personnel need:

  1. YMCA application.

  2. Valid V.A. or Retired Military I.D.

Download a YMCA Membership Application here.


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